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Ikoi Incense Sticks

Ikoi Incense Sticks

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Derived from the Japanese word for "rest," Ikoi incense sticks create a space of calm reflection wherever they burn. Handcrafted with care in Hyogo, Japan, known for its serene landscapes, each incense stick is a testament to the rich heritage, artistry and tranquility of its origin.

Whether you seek a calming ambiance for meditation, a peaceful atmosphere for your living space, or a touch of Japanese elegance in your daily rituals, Ikoi Incense Sticks provide a moment of escape from the everyday.

Includes 50 sticks of incense.

Sandalwood: Calming - Sensual - Grounding

Agarwood: Meditative - Alluring - Empowering

Cherry Blossom: Romantic - Rejuvenating - Uplifting

Water: Refreshing - Clarifying - Tranquil

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